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Ratata was a result of brainstorming projects in a cramped appartment, which got us thinking how animals would feel in thiss environment [no we don't have rats in out appartment].

Using Oculus VR and Unity 3D, we created a rich appartment environment where a player could experience the massive furniture and humans from a rat's eyes. To make it even more fun, we added bots with an AI that would try to catch the player while the player explores the house and finds an exit hole.


Most of the development was done inside Unity 3D and c# was used as the primary scripting tool. The AI bots use a basic point-vector AI system and increase speed once the player enters their patroll area. The game uses Oculus SDK 5.0.1 and an Oculus Rift.

Our aim is to add more levels to the game, as well as launch the game for Gear VR in the future.